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Object #26 / Arnold Schönberg: Everything, op. 6/2

Text: Richard Dehmel
September 6, 1905

Arnold Schönberg Center, Wien

Richard Dehmel’s symbolist texts with their passionate, religious-erotic character and their vivid, immediate, lyric language helped young Schönberg to find “the new sound […] that was to become my own” (Schönberg’s letter to Dehmel, November 1912). “Alles” [Everything] describes an evening scene before darkness sets in; observations of nature are predominant (night – stars – quiet garden). Motifs and harmonies represent syntactic layers which correlate with those of the poem (change of perspective and nature observations). Schönberg composed the song as a gift for his wife Mathilde who celebrated her 28th birthday on September 7, 1905.

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