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Object #27 / In the rowboat

Mathilde, Gertrude and Arnold Schönberg
Lake Traun, summer 1907
Photo: Heinrich Schönberg
Silver gelatin print

Private collection

“[…] In younger years I was ‘invincible’ at rowing among our group of friends (including Anton Webern, Viktor Krüger, Alexander Zemlinsky and others). I rowed very rationally and possessed enough strength to push myself to the limit for a short distance, 1–2 minutes. – I am not a great swimmer. At least I swam well for half an hour. At least I bathed in almost any weather and in cold waters (7–8° Celsius) at Traunstein near Gmunden; I rowed out, jumped from the boat into the water, swam a short distance, and then climbed back into the boat. At least I did that: not much, but still it was sport.” (Arnold Schönberg, 1927)

Water temperature Lake Traun on Easter Sunday, April 12, 2020: 8°C

Arnold Schönberg im Fokus. Photographs 1880–1950

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